Saturday, January 25, 2020

Bouzouki, Fiddle, Gaita, Bodhran, Jaw Harp

In December 2015 he released Music For Jaw Harp" 10" vinyl, accompanied by a 16-page booklet about the instrument. Now every day is more present in all types of musical genres, from electronic pop to avant-garde sounds, from jazz and world music. When using the Jew's harp for rhythmic back up, high and low pitches offer accompaniment reminiscent to a plucked double bass or bass guitar.

Nick du Plessis , I sing and play several instruments and I've read a lot on the topic. I've found in my limited playing experience that (a) the European instruments, especially the Austrian, are the best, and (b) smaller harps sound better than larger ones - more trebly, but also more volume and a more pleasing sound.

On a quality mouth harp, the sound will be quiet but clear and sustained. Carefully manipulating the dental floss between the teeth and into a C" shape is a good method to clean the back surfaces of the teeth, including down by the gumline. Nguyen played music and presented Vietnamese instruments to them.

Plucking softly but peppy and elastically (in most cases in an angle of about 20° to the front away from the Jew's Harps direction) the reed is put into vibration. Catagorized as a lamellophone instrument shaped like a lyre, it consists of a small frame with a reed or tongue attached to it. The reed is placed in the player's mouth and plucked with one finger to produce notes.

Gandarva Loka Christchurch stocks a broad range of quality mouth harps from Austria, India (morsing), Vietnam and China. These guys had about half a dozen different juice harps that they played when I saw them in 1999. There are, however, several findings from the 15th and 16th century and it can be suggested that at that time jew's harp was a popular instrument among peasants.

Some tunes were played both vocally and on the khomus to compare the melody and the text. This allows the sound waves to resonate naturally in the mouth cavity, head and vocal tract behind the reed. Instruments include bassoon, cello, clarinet, double bass, euphonium, flute, french horn, guitar, harp, oboe, percussion, piano, saxophone, trombone, trumpet, tuba, viola, violin, and more.

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